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Best Birthday Gifts for Runners

If you're buying a gift for a runner try to find something that will make their training/running enjoyable and effective. Take your cues from the kind of running that your runner does and when he or she likes to run. You can also look at their current gear and see where you can make some improvements. Are they missing a piece of kit you think they would like?

 Some of the best gifts for runners include things to use pre-run and post-run, not only during the exercise itself. Let's take a look at some gift ideas for a runner.

 Music players and peripherals - Many runners listen to music while training. With this in mind, you may be able to get your runner a new MP3 player. The ideal device for a runner is something that does not weigh much but can store a lot of songs, giving your runner a choice of song mixes. You’ll also want to make sure it’s water-proof, sweat can be a problem if it’s lacking in that department.

 If he or she uses a phone to play music or already has an MP3 device, you could think about purchasing comfortable earplugs or Bluetooth headphones. There will be lots of bounce as they run so aim for a good fit.

  Sunglasses and UV protection - protective sunglasses will improve your runner's comfort. Since we're going down the protection route, you can also consider a hat or visor to keep the sun off his or her face. Sun lotion with adequate UV protection may also be appreciated.

  Socks. Socks may not be the most exciting gift for most people, but comfortable socks are vital for serious runners. They will help protect their footwear and their feet. Look for sports socks designed with runners in mind. Stay away from cotton as it will cause blisters - poly blends are best.

 Foam roller. Combined with stretching, some runners use a foam roller for post-run recovery. This is usually a tube of compressed foam that can be used in many ways to increase flexibility, get rid of muscle knots, and reduce soreness after a run. 

 Various techniques can be learned online and they can be used effectively to help any runner train more often with less pain. They come in different sizes and with varying levels of firmness, so do a little research before you buy one of these.

 A handheld massage device. These are available online and in stores. Great for use all over the body, they are easy to apply and can be used to target pressure points. Some hand-held models come with attachments to change the feel and range of massage. Massaging is a great way to relieve muscle soreness. A hand-held massage device should put a smile on your runner's face.

 Nutrition. Some runners hold back on buying energy bars or gels as part of their regular running routine. They may consider these a luxury, which places them among the best gifts for runners. Pre-run or post-run, bars and gels are always a great gift for a runner.

  Hydration. Drinking water is a fast and effective way to hydrate, but something that replaces electrolytes can improve the effectiveness of a runner's training and reduce muscle soreness after a run. A supply of sports drinks that are not too sugary but contain necessary electrolytes and nutrients can make a fantastic gift.

 A running bottle. A small flask or gourde could help your runner stay hydrated, stay safe, look good, and feel good. Lightweight containers can achieve all this without hindering on performance. Choose one to suit his or her style and needs.

  AFlipBelt. This is a good item for runners who wish to carry essential items while they are out on a run. They have space for a phone, keys, and a snack, and are normally secured so that the contents do not bounce around. It is important for a runner to be equipped but unencumbered to run effectively. It's a fine line, but a FlipBelt is up to the task.

 An ID Bracelet – Our emergency ID bracelets are stylish, affordable, and perfect for runners who are safety conscious and do not want to carry extra gear. They communicate essential information to first responders in case of an accident. They are particularly useful for people who wish to stay fit, but are aware of a medical condition that they would want to be communicated to first responders or hospital staff on their behalf. 

 We help runners achieve their goals by providing peace of mind and not weighing them down. Our ID bracelets are more affordable and higher quality than others, and there may even be room for an inspirational message. 

 It’s super easy to buy runners a gift. Focus on their comfort, health, and safety and you can’t go wrong.