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Fall Season Running Tips

We have officially said goodbye to the warm temperatures of summer, and we are welcoming in the crisp fall weather. With the new season comes new challenges for runners! 

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips for running in the lower temperatures to help you maintain your routine through the last months of 2021! 

Check your gear.A new season is the perfect time to check and update your gear if necessary. It’s a common rule-of-thumb to replace your running shoes every 300 or so miles, depending on different factors, such as where you run, your body weight, and the shoes you’re wearing. Take the time to inspect your shoes this month and see if they are showing signs of being worn down. If so, it’s probably time to get a replacement pair! 

You may want to upgrade your attire, too. If you’re a seasoned runner, you likely have your fall running apparel already figured out, but if you’re new to a running routine, you may not have the layers needed for the colder weather! You will want to have base layers, as well as a light jacket or vest. You may also want gloves and a hat or an ear warmer headband, depending on where you’re located and how chilly it gets! 

Double up on the safety precautions.The fall and winter seasons mean it will get darker earlier in the morning and earlier at night. This is when many runners are most likely to be out! Rather than sticking to your reflective clothing, you may want to consider physical lights, as well. You can use a headlamp or shirt light clips to make yourself visible. 

As always, we recommend having aBRECK iD. This can be particularly important in the colder weather, as you may be more prone to injury depending on the climate. Your BRECK iD provides details about your health to assist in potentially life-threatening situations, and gives emergency personnel insight into your critical information, even if you cannot speak for yourself.

Change it up.Now that we’ve entered a new season, it is a great time to explore new areas. With the leaves changing colors, you may want to add a more scenic route to your running routine! It’s a great time to try out a new trail or park in your community. 

Prepare for running in the rain.Although it’s quite possible you’ve encountered some rainy days over the summer season, it may become more common now that we’ve entered fall! Remember to avoid running in thunderstorms, as this can pose a risk of being struck by lightning. 

You may want to begin utilizing two pairs of running shoes for the rest of the year, so that you can alternate and allow them to have time to dry if they get wet while you are out. When you are drying your shoes, allow them to sit in a cool, dry place and fill them with newspaper if necessary. You’ll want to avoid taking a blowdryer to them, or throwing them in your dryer, as the heat can change the shape of the shoe or shrink them. 

The fall season presents great opportunities for runners, whether it is participating in an annual 5K or simply taking in the changing colors of the season while you are running. Be smart, safe and enjoy the last few months of 2021! 

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