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Running Can Help Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Exercise has been on everyone's minds recently. Taking up a running regimen is great way to exercise and improve your physical and mental health at the same time.

How does running help you and what benefits do you get from it? It seems we were made for exercise. There is nothing better than to get your body moving, whether it's a short walk or more strenuous exercise. There's something about feeling your heart pumping that tells you that you're on the right track to better health. Here is what we know about how running helps improve your physical and mental health.

Running Helps to Lift Your Mood

Even a 30-minute workout will make you feel better. When you are worried or stressed over life, running helps to alleviate those symptoms by lifting your mood. All moving has positive effects. Running will help you to improve your mood and fight depression.

You can run outdoors or on a treadmill. The effects will be the same. Especially if you have been suffering from major depression, running will make you feel more positive.

Running Helps to Improve Cardiovascular Health

Aerobic activity is good for the heart. Running will improve cardiovascular fitness if you stick with it. It has been proven that the more people run, the healthier their hearts tend to be.

If you think that participating in extreme sports, such as running 40 miles a week, or being part of an ultramarathon event, will damage your heart, just the opposite happens. Your heart health will be better than if you ran just a few miles every day. Talk to a physician and increase your exercise responsibly, then don’t be afraid to get out there and do it.

Running Changes Your Brain and Makes It Less Susceptible to Stress

Coping with stress - and who doesn't have a lot of that these days - is improved when you run. Running improves your ability to handle everyday stress. In a study of 51 young people, researches concluded that any aerobic exercise, but especially running, increases levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine. This, in turn, causes your brain to generate new neurons. All the better for coping with whatever life throws your way.

Running Improves Your Mind at Any Age

This is welcome news. As you age, you want to be reassured that your body continues to function at high levels. How does running help you? It is one of the best ways to keep your mind fit as you age.

Running helps with memory, focus, and the ability to perform tasks. Everyone has that senior moment as they age! Aerobic exercise, especially running, however, can improve your ability to perform many cognitive tasks.

Running Is One of theEasiest Ways to Burn Calories

Running at a moderate speed, say a pace of 5 mph, a 160-pound person will burn 606 calories an hour and a 200-pound person will burn around 755 calories in an hour. If you run a little faster, say at 8 mph, those same people may burn between 850 and 1,050 calories. You will look better, the pounds will come off and you'll feel good about yourself.

Running Improves Knee Health

One of the greatest concerns with exercise is what it will do to your legs and feet. Often a runner is sidelined due to knee pain. Usually, this is a sign of overtraining.

According to an 8-year study of over 2,600 participants, the more people ran, the less likely they were to suffer knee problems or osteoarthritis. Running helps people to keep their BMI in check. Instead of running on flabby knees, runners are usually fit and in shape. Leg muscles and bones become stronger.

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