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Find Peace of Mind With a Sports Medical ID Bracelet

When it Comes to protecting yourself and your family, you can never be TOO safe!


At BRECK iD, we’ve heard story after story about outdoor accidents, and almost everyone starts with the athlete saying, “it was just like any other day”. You never imagine you’ll need an ID wristband or a running ID tag until the unthinkable happens. But no matter how careful you are some accidents simply can’t be avoided, which is why Emergency Sports IDs are so important!

It’s never easy to find out something happened to a loved one, but with the convenience of an ID bracelet, the chances of you or your family receiving the medical care needed to save a life increase exponentially, and first responders know who to contact immediately! Ranging from kids’ IDs to sport ID bracelets, we want to help you find the right fit for your life.

This tip list will help you choose which Sport ID wristband or tag is best for your lifestyle!

Sport ID Tags are Even Useful at the Gym

These running ID tags and bracelets aren’t just for the times something could happen to you outdoors. The convenience of having allergy and sports medical bracelets will help put everyone’s mind at ease, knowing that if something does happen, the appropriate action can be taken immediately!

BRECK iD suggests Medical Sport IDs for typical day-in-and-day-out strenuous activity. With interchangeable faces for the ID bands, you have the convenience of dressing it up or dressing it down to match whatever you’re doing that day.

Additionally, we know parents like to ensure they’re doing everything possible to keep their children safe. With the option for kids ID bracelets, every parent can solidify their piece of mind, knowing someone will be able to properly care for your child and immediately call you in case of an emergency!

Will an Emergency Medical ID be Comfortable While Working Out?


Since your Emergency Medical ID band or running ID tag is something that you always want to have on you, it’s important that its comfortable. That’s why BRECK iD ensures our high quality, light-weight Emergency Medical ID wristbands, tags, & bracelets are easy to take on and off, look great, and are made of a material that won’t irritate your skin.

The goal is to make the ID wristbands & the kids Medical ID bracelets (particularly) so comfortable that you won’t even notice them! There are all kinds of different styles, sizes and colors so that everyone wearing an ID band has the freedom to make it their own!

Different preferences call for differently styles which is why our ID wristbands, tags and bracelets can be worn with or without a clasp. Also, because some prefer a silicone material, we offer it in many of our products including the sport ID, runners ID, & sport medical ID bracelets, as well as in the allergy and emergency wristbands.

What Kind of Personal Information Do I Put on an Emergency Medical ID?

The ID Tags & bracelets are designed with information so that in an emergency, an EMT or emergency personnel can identify:

  • The individual wearing the emergency wristband.
  • Any allergies or pertinent medical information for effective medical treatment.
  • Emergency contact information to inform family and friends ASAP of the situation!
Find an Emergency Medical Sport ID That is “Life-Proof”

Since we are suggesting using an Emergency Sport ID in so many different situation, its imperative to find one that can stand up to the elements!

At BRECK iD our Emergency Sport ID wristbands are not only stylish but they’re designed for all kinds of situations, from freezing weather to sweltering heat and sweat! We purposefully manufacture the road & sport ID bracelets, tags, and wristbands so that our customers can always have peace of mind that the information on the emergency wristband won’t scratch off and the ID band itself won’t tear or fall off.

If the running ID tags & bracelets are not durable for the activities they’re specifically made for, then what’s the point??

What If The “Impossible” Happens and I Manage To Break It?

When purchasing an ID bracelet from BRECK iD, we expect you to wear it all the time so our products come with a lifetime guarantee! Because we stand behind our products and your safety!

If I Don’t Want the Bracelet, Where Does the ID Tag Go?

At BRECK iD, we’ve come up with a couple different ways to display the information on a typical emergency wristband. We understand that while some will have no problem with a kids ID bracelet, some kids would do better with a kids ID that attaches to their shoe.

Same goes for adults! We have various options rather than just a set of ID wristbands. While some prefer a runner’s ID bracelet, some may feel more comfortable with a running ID tag.

It all depends on your preference, which is why we offer a range of products from cycling ID bracelets to running ID tags. It’s important to rely on your ride ID or allergy bracelet to carry the information needed in case of an emergency, in the way YOU feel most comfortable.

That’s why BRECK iD has an option for you, regardless of your preference.