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10 Reasons to Wear a BRECK iD

  1. If you can't speak for yourself, BRECK iD will speak for you.
  2. BRECK iD provides First Responders with immediately contact information to connect with family members and friends.
  3. BRECK iD provides details about your health to assist in potentially life threatening situations. 
  4. BRECK iD assists hospital personnel if you are involved in an accident and can’t speak for yourself. 
  5. BRECK iD can communicate allergies and medical information to hospital staff.
  6. BRECK iD can prevent delays in treatment with critical information during medical assessments.
  7. It just makes more sense to have a BRECK iD than not have one in your possession when you train or enjoy outdoors activities.
  8. Thousands of accidents occur each year where the victim is found unconscious and without identification - a BRECK iD will resolve this problem.
  9. BRECK iDs are comfortable and look great on your wrist, shoe or around your neck.
  10. Most importantly, a BRECK iD can save your life.